Thursday, February 1, 2007

Can Bush Hand Off the War?

Oh, I know he can in the literal sense. He can postpone disaster until he leaves office, toss the grenade to his successor and get out of the foxhole before it blows. The question is, will the public buy this maneuver, set up as it is to avoid a popular or historical verdict that the disaster was his fault, the war his war? Maybe he can; there isn't necessarily any justice, you know. But the question goes to criticism of those who voted for the original war resolutions and now criticize him. Isn't this hypocritical, the criticism goes, to have supported him but now to turn on him? Nonsense. The Congress gave the President a chance. He was respected and given his freedom to pursue foreign policy as he saw fit, backed up by the government. If his war policy fails, it is not because politicians in Washington meddled in the project. Anyway, that was years ago now. I was against the war, even went to a demonstration or two before the invasion, and I was disappointed in people like Senator Clinton and Senator Kerry who gave their votes for the war effort in the first place. But that doesn't mean they can't legitimately oppose it now, and it will be an injury to history if President Bush is not held accountable in the end, whenever that end may come.

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