Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Hillary-Obama Exchange

This week we had the argument between Hillary and Obama over foreign policy. Obama said he would talk to anybody and everybody, defensible as a general, attitudinal statement in contrast to the Bushies. Clinton made a jab, pointing out that each case is ad hoc and one doesn't necessarily display an over-eagerness to talk. This is correct and more sophisticated. Obama loses the argument. It seems, though, that Obama sensed that it might do him some good to be seen fighting the Clintons, so he tried to persist with the argument. That was a mistake: what emerges is that Clinton is indeed more experienced and sophisticated than Obama (just as common sense would tell you, looking at the resumes). Obama loses, Clinton and, perhaps significantly, John Edwards win. Another excess of the endless campaign. Last night on TV someone commented that the primaries are "only six months away." I refer you to Sartre's play No Exit.

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