Tuesday, August 14, 2007

George and Karl

Yastrzemki, that is. Baseball deeply effects George Bush's comportment as a politician and a president, so much so that I doubt that anyone with no feel at all for the game could ever hope to understand him. One pushes the limits all of the time, relentlessly all of the time. The psychological game is never ceded. (Of course the goal is also never challenged: this administration never reconceptualizes, only reexecutes.) And how like baseball fans is the electorate! Now everyone wants to heap approbrium on Karl Rove as he gets the perp walk to the limo to whisk him off to infamy. After all, the Administration's box scores are in the pits (I just checked them this morning over coffee), and if things keep going like this the Dems will win the pennant. Da bum! Never mind that his guys were supposed to lose in 2000, and then again in 2004, and he managed it by hook or by crook. He elected a Trifecta government, majorities in the White House and both houses of congress. This guy did everything you could have asked him to do. If things went wrong with the pitching that's not his fault. Now, I figure, he wants to have a hand in the 2008 election. Big bucks await, and he's not going to just go around giving lectures. He's going to rent himself out to a Republican candidate. So the next Rove story is, which one?

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