Friday, April 4, 2008

Is It Just Me?

This morning there is a discussion on Slate about the latest polling data that were also discussed by Chuck Todd of MSNBC last night. Basically the discussion runs like this: polls still show Clinton beating McCain in crucial states (Ohio, Florida) where McCain is statistically tied or beating Obama. This is an extension of what I take to be a Very Good Argument, namely that having won California, New York, Ohio, even doing not so badly in Obama's home state Illinois, not to mention Michigan and Florida (yes I know, but still), it certainly does look (and listen, it certainly does look) like Clinton might be the more formidable nominee for the general election. The pro-Obama response is that Obama changes the map and adds formerly red states such as Virginia and Colorado, and contested states such as Wisconsin, and thus puts together a win without, say, Florida. Which is also a Perfectly Good Argument if not perhaps a Very Good one (because more risky).
But folks: Is it just me? If you put them both together you get the Unbeatable Argument. You get the unbeatable ticket. What is with everybody? Everybody is asking, "Who is the big shot who will broker us out of this impasse?" The best and only answer: the voters. They're doing it, if only the not-so-big shots would listen. The answer is right there. Obama-Clinton. No, I don't care how you feel about it. Let's go!

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