Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Libby and Cheney: No Daylight

A few weeks age a news report went around (discussed on MSNBC for example) that Scooter Libby had gone to see Vice-President Cheney at one point to complain about his high profile in the reporting about the Plame leak scandal. The story was that the VP Chief of Staff felt that he was being singled out. This news report is almost certainly disinformation. The idea is to make it seem that Mr. Libby and the Vice-President were (and are) not working hand-in-glove for Mr. Libby to take the fall for the leak. What happened in fact is that our thuggish Vice-President decided to play rough with the Wilsons. The good news here is that Joe Wilson and his wife have actually obtained a little justice against these mafiosi. The system does work from time to time. Meanwhile the forthcoming pardon for Mr. Libby will not be, I don't think, such a miscarriage of justice; the miscarriage of justice here would be whatever success Mr. Cheney has in obscuring the truth. A little bit of justice today.

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