Friday, March 30, 2007

Maybe the Sunni Will Get What They've Been Praying For

I was a little surprised by the vociferousness of the Saudi denunciation of the American occupation of Iraq (although I'll agree that in this context "occupation" is as good a word as any other). I'm in favor of withdrawing US troops from Iraq as well. But a queasiness that I have about it is the prospect of what might happen in Iraq after that. A worse case scenario is large scale depredations on urban, civilian populations by sectarian militias bent on ethnic cleansing This could occur as Shia-on-Sunni violence in central, urban Iraq. In fact, there's good reason to think that that's exactly what will happen, with Iran coming in as the major power in the Shia regions. There is the possibility that this would draw in Sunni powers to the west, and Saudi Arabia stated recently that they would indeed move to help embattled Sunni forces there if need arose. So are the Saudis now saying that they really and truly want the US to get out of the way? With those prospects as they are? If so then they should be careful what they pray for.

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