Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bush, Clinton, and Congress

We're hearing complaints now that Congress is unfairly attacking and interfering with President Bush. Imagine subpoenas for Cabinet members. It's really not hard for us Democrats to imagine, we can remember it well: can you say "The 1990s"? Let me refresh your memory: Bill Clinton had his shaky first two years in office with a Democratic congressional majority, and then spent the next six years confronted by an aggressive Republican House that defined itself as the expression of a conservative movement. Remember Jim Leach's investigation of Whitewater? Hearings and subpoenas over dismissals in the travel office? Remember the federal prosecutor who decided to go after the Clintons after the savings and loan scandals? The Clinton legal shop was one of the legendary offices of that administration, by simple virtue of necessity. As to that, is there anything I haven't mentioned? What about poor beleaguered W? Elected with a Republican House, from 2003 to 2007 he enjoyed a unified Republican government: Both houses and the White House under Republican control. He faces a Democratic Congress for only the last two years of his eight-year term. He couldn't have had it better. I hope the Democratic Congress runs the score up as high as possible.

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