Thursday, April 5, 2007

Three-way race for Dems #2 spot

I would say that Hilary is the front-runner for the Democratic Party nomination, and that the #2 spot is up for grabs between Obama, Edwards, and Gore. I think Gore has real potential, I think Edwards has problems. His wife's cancer, unfortunately, is a net negative I would say. I think both Obama and Edwards are too inexperienced, the difference being that Obama may be with us for quite a few more election cycles while Edwards guns his way into something this time or he's gone. I like Clinton and Gore, after that I'd have to say Bill Richardson. Biden and Dodd are more senatorial than presidential I would say. As to the Republicans, they're more wide open than the Democrats at this point. Giuliani is being laudably upfront about his views, but he's never going to be the Republican nominee. Federal funds for abortions? Forgetaboutit. Romney is running into Gorish problems about gilding the lily (I don't care if he's Mormon, but he might be too slick). Everybody else is to the right of Atilla the Hun (Sam Brownback). If they really don't like McCain, OK, but they're not going to nominate a winning candidate. Oh yeah, and the Clintons are back at the mansion praying: "Please let it be Newtie! Please God, let it be Newtie!"

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